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Summary and Review of Lights Out - Big Thrills in a Small Package

Rebecca: Teresa Palmer Martin: Gabriel Bateman Bret: Paul DiPerisa Sophie: Maria Bello Director: David F. Sandberg Writer: David F. Sandberg and Eric Heisserer "Lights Out" wastes no time with an opening that immediately grabs the viewer's attention and sets the heart racing. Paul, working late, receives a call from his worried son, Martin, regarding his mother's mental state and assures him that he is working on a solution. Meanwhile, his assistant alerts Paul to the presence of someone in the building. As he prepares to leave for the night, he encounters Diana, the malevolent antagonist, who can only be seen in the dark and she swiftly hunts him down in a vicious revenge attack. Following this explosive start, Martin starts experiencing his mother's chilling nocturnal ramblings, and is so terrified that he is unable to sleep through fear of what might happen. When this leads to him falling asleep in the classroom, it triggers a call to Child Protection Services