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It's a Wonderful Knife Review - A Christmas Tale Unwrapped

  Winnie Carruthers: Jane Widdop David Carruthers: Joel McHale Henry Waters: Justine Long Bernie Simon: Jess McLeod Buck Waters: Sean Depner Director: Tyler MacIntyre Writer: Michael Kennedy Release: 2023 The title "It's a Wonder Knife" doesn't leave much to the imagination about its origins and, in the same vein as the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life", the film explores a parallel world where the protagonist, Winnie Carruthers, faces the consequences of a choice that shaped her town's destiny.  The story begins with Winnie heading to a Christmas Eve party with her best friend, Cara, whose grandfather is being pressured to sell his house by a local business magnate, the insufferable Henry Waters, who is on a mission to control the town through fair means or foul.  Winnie and Cara set off for an evening of pre-Christmas high-jinks but the party takes a dark turn when a masked killer embarks on a murderous spree. Winnie, however, manages to save the day, and