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This is Our Home Summary and Review - A Parent's Nightmare

Reina: Simone Policano Cory: Jeff Ayars Zeke: Drew Beckas Director: Omri Dorani Writers: Omri Dorani & Rob Harmon Release: 2019 "This is Our Home" explores the dynamics of a fractured relationship, against a backdrop of mystery and emotional discord. As the story of Reyna and Cory unfolds, we are met with flashes of their past interwoven with a present bedevilled by unresolved issues and an unsettling encounter with a boy who claims he is their son. It kicks off with Reyna (Rey) and Cory heading out to her childhood home for some space to try and repair their relationship, with just a hint as to what lies behind their current struggles. They seem to be genuinely in love but vacillate between displays of affection and vicious bickering so clearly, there is work to be done. We are given glimpses of happier times but it's clear that they harbour a traumatic secret creating a tension that lingers throughout the film. On their first night at the property, after a plea