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Motherly - The Battle of All Mothers

  Kate: Lora Burke Beth: Tessa Kozma Hal: Colin Paradine Mary: Kristen MacCulloch Lewis: Nick Smyth Director: Craig Wallace Writer:  Craig Wallace & Ian Malone Release:  2021 From the opening scene this is an intriguing tale where nothing is as it seems to be. And "seems to be" is a theme running through the story which is the beauty of "Motherly", weaving a narrative through a labyrinth of secrets managing to be both intriguing and entertaining. Kate and her 9 year old daughter Beth have escaped a traumatic past and now find themselves hiding in isolation in a rural area. From the start, it's evident that there's tension between them, with Beth displaying defiance and a longing to be with her dad and Kate, who is protective but somewhat controlling and prone to outbursts of frustrated anger.  They are not entirely alone as help is on hand in the form of Hal who is there to keep an eye on them and ensure their safety, especially when Kate suspects that a