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The Night House Summary & Review - A Haunting Triumph

  Beth Parchin: Rebecca Hall Owen Parchin: Evan Jonigkeit Claire: Sarah Goldberg. Mel: Vondie Curtis-Hall Madelyne: Stacy Martin Becky: Samantha Buck Director: David Bruckner Writers: Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski Release: 2021 Opening with a post-funerial scene introducing Beth, a grieving widow who is in deep shock following the sudden death of her beloved husband, "The Night House" draws the audience into the eerie corridors of psychological horror, taking us on a journey through grief, when it collides with the spectral unknown. From its beautiful cinematography to the stellar performances, the elements of this film converge to create an atmospheric experience that resonates after the credits roll. Following her husband's death, Beth drags herself through a haze of grief as she struggles to maintain a sense of normality while grappling with the shocking reality of what has occurred. It's not long before she experiences a series of unsettling events that, a