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The Crescent Summary and Review

  Beth: Danika Vandersteen Lowen: Woodrow Graves Pete: Andrew Gillis Sam: Britt Loder Joseph: Terrance Murray Director: Seth A. Smith Writers: Seth A. Smith and Darcy Spidle Release: 2017 Grieving the loss of her husband, Beth (Danika Vandersteen) seeks solace in her mother's secluded beach front house, somewhere on the rugged Nova Scotia coast, hoping to recover and share precious moments with her son, Lowen (Woodrow Graves). The days here pass slowly as mother and son find comfort in a routine of housework, beachside play, and Beth's work as a paint marbling artist.  Their peaceful retreat takes a mysterious turn when an enigmatic neighbour Terrance Murray) takes an unsettling interest in Lowen and a young girl, Sam (Britt Loder), appears as another neighbour and ominously warns Beth about certain locals who "don't know they're dead". Strange events unfold and inexplicable noises shatter the quietude, growing evermore eerie and unnerving. Beth begins to